CCI Beta

Thanks for taking the time to help us complete the development of this instrument on Christian Character. We’re working with the Syversen Family Foundation and Eido Research to develop a valid and reliable instrument to measure Christian character.  Your support at this point is critical! As we compile responses from your answers, you will help us develop a robust assessment of Christian character that we hope many will be able to use in order to grow in their relationship with Christ.

We started with well over 300 items and through a team of diverse subject experts have reduced the number to 122 valid items to describe 18 different character traits you see here. 

The instrument will take around 20 minutes to complete depending on how much time you take with each item. 

As you take this instrument, answer each item honestly on yourself, but don’t take too long deliberating on each item. Simply read the item and ask yourself, “Do I agree or disagree that this statement describes me?”  We offer five responses to each description, from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. Try to avoid Neutral as much as possible, instead, choose an answer on one side or the other.  

  • Your responses are completely anonymous.
  • You will not receive any report or summary of your responses.  
  • You will, however, help us reduce the number of items by probably 20%-30%, AND increase the reliability of the final instrument. 

Once the instrument is complete, you will be given an opportunity to give feedback.

Thanks for your support!

Greg Wiens, Ph.D.
Healthy Growing Leaders