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Creative assessment architects who help leaders recognize their strengths and weaknesses to improve their team’s productivity.

We offer a variety of assessments for different needs including custom assessments to meet unique needs you may have. Dr. Gregory A. Wiens (the founder of HGL) continues to develop new instruments to assist in leadership development from various aspects.

Creative Assessment Architects

Our unique approach to developing assessment instruments comes from years of experience with thousands of individuals and organizations.

There are no cookie cutters in use here! We are tenacious in our approach to create assessments that fit the well-differentiated, yet unique attributes you bring to your role. We look at a variety of factors before recommending a battery of instruments to measure the indicators required.  We offer packages comprised of different instruments. The instruments combine to offer a multifaceted perspective of each individual to give the assessor the best opportunity for insight and feedback.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Intentional reflection is helpful for individuals or groups that desire positive growth. Through the use of our tools and methods, both strengths and weaknesses are exposed in an effort to guide you to your desired outcome. This catalytic process can be difficult but is always insightful. The effort allows individuals to understand their unique hardwiring but also identifies how their software augments their strengths and corresponding weaknesses. We all have individual profiles which position us to fulfill our calling. In assessing individuals we help find that place where their wiring matches the role. The insight results in recommendations for focused improvement.

Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Teams require people in a variety of positions doing their part at the right time and in the right place. Our assessment process is designed to help you evaluate your team’s composition at any given time. Our football metaphor is appropriate here: you wouldn’t want a team full of quarterbacks any more than twenty-two defensive ends. Each position has its need for corresponding attributes. Our outside perspective helps you determine where changes will produce a significant impact. As you implement these changes, the synergistic effect can be exponential.

Increase Impact

When you are able to see the strategies above begin to take shape, we are confident you will see a significant increase in impact on your team and in your sector. This might occur naturally if your team leaders have excellent discernment and are able to maintain fluid objectivity. Our experience suggests this is often too much to ask while you’re delivering goods and services.

We are called to serve organizations like yours as creative assessment architects who help you catalyze your strengths and weaknesses, improve your team’s synergy, and increase impact.

We’re serious about offering statistically valid survey instruments. Please contact us to learn more and join our mailing list to hear about new tools and reports that will help you gain valuable insight.

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The TeamFIT® Wheel identifies the roles, styles, preferences, and values of an impactful team. Each person needs to function from a variety of perspectives for the team to be healthy and transformational. Research continues to demonstrate how healthy transformational teams are significantly more impactful than simply functional teams fulfilling roles.

Our 4-hour TeamFIT® exercise is most effective when we are able to work with 8 to 12 leaders from an organization and is best when it follows debriefs of our TrueWiring® assessment instruments. It’s possible to grow the group up to 20 people as long as appropriate time is allotted for the event and assessment instrument evaluations.

The graphic below is an adaptation of the transformational wheel that organizations will experience as it matures. During the exercise, we unpack each of the labels presented while gaining team member buy-in, or push-back! This is what makes the exercise enjoyable while identifying roles and responsibilities across the organization. Your key staff members walk away with a thorough understanding of the place on the team and a great appreciation for the need for everyone to work within their strengths.

Contact us for more information on how your team can be assessed by this model of a healthy transformational team.


We believe that every leader has a unique and natural A-Game — a unique contribution that only you bring.  No one else is wired exactly like you.  Because of the pressure faced by leaders today, what they believe to be their A-Game is often influenced more by the expectations of others than by the reality of their own unique wiring.

Every leader has unique skills, experiences, learnings, and gifts that inform their wiring. This wiring is what then equips them to make significant contributions in a particular venue or in a unique fashion. Healthy Growing Leaders’ passion is to help leaders understand their wiring so they can better fulfill their unique calling.

We will passionately help you lead in the unique way you were created to lead.

Meet the Team

Greg Wiens, Ph.D.

Greg has been a creative assessment architect for over 30 years. He has worked with organizations that range in size and interest from Fortune 100 companies and public schools to non-profits. His passion is helping leaders understand how their unique wiring contributes to their productivity and sense of fulfillment. This ultimately leads these leaders to create healthy teams from which they increase their team and individual productivity through synergy. 

Healthy Growing Leaders grew out of Greg’s practice of helping leaders be better versions of themselves. He has authored or co-authored four books and developed twenty different individual and organizational assessment instruments used in a wide variety of fields.  He currently leads Healthy Growing Leaders, TrueWiring and TrueWiring4Churches.

From 1995 to 1999, Greg was a visiting Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Central Florida where he taught courses in educational ethics, quantitative and qualitative research, statistics, measurement, and assessment. He also was an Associate Professor at Warner Southern University, teaching and developing a variety of courses. In addition, he has been a consultant to corporations, public schools, and non-profits. A variety of organizations have benefited from his wisdom and instruments on leadership practices,  assessment, and team development.

Greg received his formal education at the University of Michigan where he received his BS in Industrial and Operations Engineering in 1976 and worked on an MBA in Corporate Finance also from the University of Michigan. He received his Master of Divinity at Anderson University School of Theology in 1984. In 1995, Greg was awarded his Ph.D. in Psychometrics from the University of Central Florida (statistics specifically in the area of testing, measurement, and assessment).

Greg has been married to his wonderful wife, Mary Kay, for over 43 years, and they have three children and seven grandchildren: Jordan & Jaime Wiens have three children (Jodie, Anderson, and Isaac), Erin & Steve Southards have four children (Payton, Colton, Presley, and Stetson), and Colin & Cayla Wiens. 

Dave Phillips- Creative Assessment Architect

Dave specializes in developing and maintaining the online platforms through which all of our assessments are taken. He has an extensive background in the US Air Force, where he helped determine the best career field for initial officer assignments. He also has several years of experience as a software engineer. Dave’s affinity for statistical analysis and experience providing database-driven, web-based applications initially drew him to HGL. He is passionate about using his skills to help leaders understand their A-game and providing a high-quality experience for the leaders we serve. Dave is married to his amazing wife, Zoë Hale, Ph.D. Together they have four daughters.

Clary Reed – Assessment Coordinator

Clary has been serving leaders to lead in their A-game the past ten years. She enjoys seeing people make changes to become the best version of themselves and bringing that version to the people they love and lead. She is passionate about equipping leaders, creating systems, and organizing the chaos! Speaking of chaos, she resides in Orlando, Florida with her patient husband Kyle and their three children. 

Analissa Kelley – Director of Operations

Analissa has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Michigan and is currently working on her Master of Science in Data Analytics with Southern New Hampshire University. She has spent the last eight years in campus ministry focused on church planting and international student ministry development. She’s also been serving a national church planting network in a support role. Analissa has a passion for data and loves to see how it can help churches and ministries grow. Analissa currently lives in Michigan with her husband Ian.

Erin Southards – Director of the Assessment Team

Erin is passionate about helping local church leaders live out of their God given wiring and passions. Raised in a church planter’s home, she has spent her whole life serving in the local church. Erin and her husband Steve, who is a lead Pastor, have partnered in ministry throughout their 17 years of marriage in a variety of roles and across multiple states. She currently lives in Dayton, Ohio with Steve and their 4 children who bring blessed chaos to their home. 

Kurt Rahn – Partnerships and Assessments

Kurt has been an innovator at leading Christian organizations over the last 15 years. He has served as a Senior Church Advisor for World Vision and as the Global Director of Marketing for the Alpha Course. He is currently pastoring his home church, serving as a strategic advisor for several organizations. He is passionate about helping leaders build teams and strategic plans to help their organizations innovate and prepare for an ever-changing world. Kurt currently lives in Tacoma, WA with his wife Meg and two sons.

Dan Holland – Leadership Coach

Dan is one of HGL’s Leadership Coaches and he loves helping leaders discover their A-Game. He has helped plant and relaunch several churches, and has a passion for seeing the church reach its fullest potential. He is the author of 70 Seconds: Stop Wandering; Start Living and Leading. Dan and his wife Beth have lived in Central Florida for more than 30 years and just celebrated 35 years of marriage. They have two wonderful grown children. Micah and his wife, Alyssa, reside in Oklahoma, and their daughter, Ashley, lives in North Carolina.

Recommended Reading

Greg’s recommended reading list continues to grow. Please take a look at the Recommended Reading page for the most up-to-date list.


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