The TeamFIT® Wheel identifies the roles, styles, preferences, and values of an impactful team. Each person needs to function from a variety of perspectives for the team to be healthy and transformational. Research continues to demonstrate how healthy transformational teams are significantly more impactful than simply functional teams fulfilling roles.

Our 4-hour TeamFIT® exercise is most effective when we are able to work with 8 to 12 leaders from an organization and is best when it follows debriefs of our TrueWiring® assessment instruments. It’s possible to grow the group up to 20 people as long as appropriate time is allotted for the event and assessment instrument evaluations.

The graphic below is an adaptation of the transformational wheel that organizations will experience as it matures. During the exercise, we unpack each of the labels presented while gaining team member buy-in, or push-back! This is what makes the exercise enjoyable while identifying roles and responsibilities across the organization. Your key staff members walk away with a thorough understanding of the place on the team and a great appreciation for the need for everyone to work within their strengths.

Contact us for more information on how your team can be assessed by this model of a healthy transformational team.