Spiritual Gifts

We know that spiritual gifts are freely given to us by the Spirit for building up the Body of Christ for the Church to build disciples throughout the world. That is their purpose. As humans, however, we have some misconceptions regarding spiritual gifts, and if we’re truly honest with ourselves, at times we wish for certain gifts that we don’t have and forsake the ones we do have.

Through the use of our Spiritual Gifts Assessment, we hope you will discover the beauty of your own gifts. Don’t take them for granted. Instead, take a look at how God is working in you through your particular gifts for building up the Body of Christ. There is no one gift more important than another. The important thing is that you begin to understand your gifts in order for you to work in boldness to advance His Kingdom, even to the uttermost parts of the world.


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It is essential to understand how we all can minister together toward our common goal. We must know how God can use us, i.e., the position we should play on the team. Christ’s strategy for reaching the World for Himself was through the Church. Read Ephesians 3:10-12 and Ephesians 4:1-7. He has called each of us to contribute! Everyone is expected to contribute in a unique way.

But, how are you to contribute and in what unique way has God called you? After today, you will know what Spiritual Gift you have received and where your gift can be used in the Body of Christ. He has given you a special gift with which to serve him!

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