Assessment Approach

We Don’t Just Ask: “What Are You Good At?”  We Ask: “What Are You Doing?”

Will he be a good football player? That question is impossible to answer until we know if he will be a quarterback or a defensive lineman. This is why HGL always assesses toward a target.

Our assessment approach is characterized by:

  • Awareness of what’s happening in certain areas, such as behavior, motivation, skills, etc.
  • Insight into who you are and how you operate.
  • Assessing to Discover Direction

Every leader has a venue for their leadership to extend the Kingdom. It is simply understanding how you are uniquely created and then being willing to work on the knowledge and skills to capitalize upon the way we were wonderfully and fearfully made.

HGL uses different assessments individually and in combination to help leaders gain understanding:

  • Behavior Styles (DISC)
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Competency Report (16 PF)
  • Values & Motivators
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Awareness (TKA)

Beyond the individual instruments, we provide a debrief session and a written report for each person being assessed.

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