Creative Assessment Architects

Our unique approach to developing assessment instruments comes from years of experience with thousands of individuals and organizations.

There are no cookie cutters in use here! We are tenacious in our approach to create assessments that fit the well-differentiated, yet unique attributes you bring to your role. We look at a variety of factors before recommending a battery of instruments to measure the indicators required.  We offer packages comprised of different instruments.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Intentional reflection is helpful for individuals or groups to change. Through the use of our tools and methods, both strengths and weaknesses are exposed in an effort to guide you to your desired outcome. This catalytic process can be difficult but is always insightful. The effort allows individuals to understand their unique hard wiring but also identifies how their software augments their strengths and corresponding weaknesses. We all have individual profiles which position us to fulfill our calling. In assessing individuals we help find that place where their wiring matches the role. The insight results in recommendations for focused improvement.

Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Teams require people in a variety of positions doing their part at the right time and in the right place. Our assessment process is designed to help you evaluate your team’s composition at any given time. Our football metaphor is appropriate here: you wouldn’t want a team full of quarterbacks any more than twenty-two defensive ends. Each position has its need for corresponding attributes. Our outside perspective helps you determine where changes will produce a significant impact. As you implement these changes, the synergistic effect can be exponential.

Increase Impact

When you are able to see the strategies above begin to take shape, we are confident you will see a significant increase in impact on your team and in your sector. This might occur naturally if your team leaders have excellent discernment and are able to maintain fluid objectivity. Our experience suggests this is often too much to ask while you’re delivering goods and services.

We are called to serve organizations like yours as creative assessment architects who help you catalyze your strengths and weaknesses, improve your team’s synergy, and increase impact.

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  1. I took a disc that was free at the time back in October 2016, is there anyway I could get a copy of the results?

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